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The recently published and updated 2015 edition of David Searl’s You and the Law in Spain marks 30 years since the publication first appeared.
The book is a complete compendium of Spanish laws and regulations, from driving permits to property sales and taxes. Its 422 pages cover a wide variety of rules that affect foreigners, both resident and non-resident. It is updated every year to keep up with the changes.
The 2015 translation into English of Spain’s Horizontal Law, which regulates Communities of Property Owners, now includes the recent changes to the law that permit the enclosing of apartment terraces, for example. This section has been a help to hundreds of Community Presidents over the years.  Now they will also be aware that an owner with a parking space in the garage can install an electric point to charge the batteries in his electric car and does not need the permission of the Community. He only needs to inform them.
This updated 2015 edition reports on:

  • Holders of UK old green paper licences, valid to the age of 70, must register them in Spain in 2015, or exchange them for Spanish permits.
  • Reductions are coming for both income tax and Capital Gains Tax in Spain.
  • Spanish banks are being forced to pay mortgage holders the interest they have overcharged them for years.
  • Tax Form 720, on which all residents of Spain are required to declare any assets worth over €50,000 that they hold outside the country.

When asked about competition from sources on the Internet, Searl noted that many of these forums, especially the ones operated by law firms, have good information. The problem is that they usually deal with one specific problem. You and the Law in Spain is a complete reference source. And it needs no batteries! You and the Law in Spain is available at most book shops that serve English-speaking residents. You can order direct from publisher at and the Kindle version is now available.

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